Are you and your business looking to develop or expand your business in the Middle East?


When initiating business in the Middle East, it is wise to bear in mind the great diversity within the region.


A partnership with an experienced consultant can make the special traits and features of the region understandable and above all beneficial for you as a customer.


Secure your investment in the region by using a consultant with local knowledge.

Contact Rezai Consulting AS today to learn how your business can benefit from our services.

Rezai Consulting are committed to provide our clients with beneficial relations between international corporations, companies and organizations.

Rezai Consulting AS is an independent consulting company specializing in providing access in the Middle East with focus on the promising oil market in Iran and the more established markets in the Arab States.


Iraj Rezai founded Rezai Consulting AS in 2015 and are based on Rezai' solid experience in oil and gas development consultancy and professional expertise in the oil sector.

We are working with complex and valuable deals for our clients, all in which requires experience, integrity, professional judgment and clear, concise decision-making to succeed.


Rezai Consulting AS is exceptionally set among oil and gas consulting firms as we work both in upstream and downstream oil and gas industry. Our clients range from start-up companies to the largest multinational companies.


Simply put; Rezai Consulting has expertise and experience to help you solve problems and resources to help you achieve your goals in the Middle East.

Midtøsten er et stort marked for Stavanger-regionen

March 06, 2016

- Stavanger-regionen alene kan fint øke eksporten sin til Midtøsten med flere milliarder kroner årlig, dersom det satses riktig, mener Geir Stokke i LiseMa Invest. I en situasjon der det norske oljeservicemarkedet har krympet betydelig, burde det vært interessant for mange bedrifter i vår region.

Sanctions against Iran lifted after compliance with nuclear deal

January 15, 2016

Iran’s president, Hassan Rouhani, has hailed a “glorious victory” after senior diplomats in Vienna formally announced the lifting of sanctions against the country following confirmations from the UN that Tehran had fulfilled its obligations under last year’s nuclear accord.

Iran oil & gas post sanctions: Preparing the new era

February 21, 2016

The Iran Oil & Gas Post Sanctions Summit has been postponed until 22-24 February 2016.  


The event will continue to have the support and active participation of NIOC and the Ministry of Petroleum and will provide the most relevant information possible to the international community on the Iranian Petroleum Contract and the projects which will contribute to the development and growth of the Iranian petroleum sector, post sanctions.

Iran to unweil new oil contracts in coming weeks

September 17, 2015

Iran will unveil new oil development contracts in the coming weeks aiming to attract foreign investors and oil buyers once sanctions on its energy sector are lifted, the Oil Ministry's website Shana reported on Friday.

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